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As you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, remember to channel your inner designer, your inner wizard, and enchant the world with your solutions and unique creations. You have the power to create magic and leave an indelible mark on the world.
To do so, draw upon the wisdom and knowledge of those who have come before you. Learn from tried and tested formulas, and absorb the insights passed down from generation to generation. Use these as the foundation for your own creativity and innovation, and combine them with your own unique perspective and vision to create something truly extraordinary.
Remember, the most effective spells are not just about power, but also about precision and artistry. So hone your craft, sharpen your skills, and put your heart and soul into every detail. With passion and dedication, you can weave a spell that will captivate and inspire the world.
Serdar Senel, Ph.D. - Designer, Musician, Entrepreneur
Serdar Senel is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in advertising and marketing. He has worked with more than 150 local and global brands, providing consultancy, promotion, and organization partnership. Senel has an impressive corporate portfolio in various industries, including FMCG, education, energy, durable goods, e-commerce, telecommunications, automotive, real estate, technology, fashion, music, transportation, mobile applications, and medical sectors.
Apart from his professional accomplishments, Senel is also highly committed to education and research. He serves as Vice President in BAU Global, a university education network with a presence in several countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. He is also Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive in BAU Idea. Senel completed his Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from BAU and went on to complete a Master's degree in Advertising and Brand Management from the same institution. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the same field.
In addition to his impressive career achievements, Serdar Senel is also actively involved in various organizations and initiatives. He is a Board Member of Bahcesehir College Sport Club, where he contributes to the development of sports and athletic programs in the community. He is also the founder of Radio Glamorize, a media and entertainment platform that provides creative content for its audience.
As a co-founder of VideoSanat, Senel has been instrumental in building the company's reputation as a leading production house that specializes in video and animation production, editing, and post-production services. Senel's contributions have helped VideoSanat grow and expand its reach in the industry.
Senel is also the President of the BAU Alumni Association, where he serves as a leader and advocate for the alumni community. Through his role, Senel works to strengthen the connections among BAU graduates, foster collaboration and engagement, and provide opportunities for professional and personal development.
Overall, Senel's involvement in these organizations demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact in various communities and fields, and his dedication to advancing the interests and growth of those he works with.
Throughout his career, Senel has received numerous national and international awards in the fields of management, strategy, and design. His expertise spans across a broad range of areas, including brand management, visual design, communication strategies, online marketing, traditional and social media planning, corporate and celebrity project management, packaging design, music direction, creative applications, audio and video production, and more. With his extensive experience and skillset, Senel continues to add value to the brands he works with in a measurable way.

Bestimage Group Advertising, Promotion and Consultancy Incorporated Company - GROUP CEO :
Bau Global Educational Network - VICE PRESIDENT :
Bau Alumni Association - Founder President :
Videosanat Production & Post Production Incorporated Company - Co - Founder :
Sound Design Istanbul Music Production Incorporated Company -  Founder :

Radio Glamorize Electronic Music Radio - FOUNDER :
Bahçeşehir College Sports Club Association - BOARD MEMBER :